Before you know it ….. they will be all grown up.
Personalised height charts are a great way to track your child’s growth. Printed here at Lullaby Gifts onto fine weave fabric with a repositionable adhesive backing. Change your child’s room around.. its ok peel from the wall and re stick to a clean surface without leaving any sticky residue or damaging your walls.
Once outgrown you can then simply place the chart back onto his backing paper and kept away safe to keep for great memories.
Our height charts are very easy to apply to most clean surfaces . 150cm maximum height   Charts measure 106cm long and 30cm wide.

Apply to clean dust free walls, if freshly painted wait at least 2 weeks before applying
Best way to stick your height chart – peel away a part of backing sheet from top of chart and stick to the wall , while pressing with the back of your hand run your hand down smoothly while peeling backing away with other hand at the same time in a downward motion.
To remove carefully lift a corner and peel from the wall slowly.